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John R Thompson MD PLLC
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Nolensville has seen some phenomenal growth over the past several years; and shows no signs of slowing. Consequentially, there is an ever-increasing need to provide more medical services and expand access to these services. At the same time, the administrative challenges associated with providing medical care have become increasingly more complex and burdensome. In an effort to address these demands and challenges, Nolensville Family Medicine (NFM) approached Vanderbilt Health. Vanderbilt graciously accepted the opportunity to expand into the Nolensville community; and I am pleased to announce we are nearing the final stages of transition.

As of this writing, Nolensville Family Medicine’s last day of business will be on Friday, November 17th. The clinic will re-open for business 3 weeks later as a Vanderbilt Health Clinic on Monday, December 11th. Let me reassure you that you will continue to enjoy the same excellent reception and nursing staff, and providers; and we will continue to provide the same, or better, quality and level of service to which you are accustomed. During the 3 weeks the practice will be closed, we will have “on call” services available. However, if you are going to be in need of medication refills during this period, please make an effort to schedule labs and medication refill appointments prior to our closing on November 17th. Sometime in the spring of 2018, Vanderbilt plans to expand services to include a Walk-in Clinic. This clinic will be open 7 days a week, greatly expanding access to care, while maintaining the quality of care you undoubtedly expect from Vanderbilt. Nolensville Family hopes you are as excited as we are about the tremendous benefits to our community because of this transition to Vanderbilt Health.

Enclosed with the letter is a “Release of Information” form. Please take a moment to complete this form and either drop it off at the clinic, email to lthompson@nolensvillefamily.com, or fax to 615-776-8012. Since Vanderbilt will not be able to “assume” the electronic records currently maintained by NFM, this Release of Information form is required in order for Vanderbilt to assess your health information and make the transition of care less cumbersome for you.


With Regards,

John R. Thompson




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