Our Scope of Care

  • Diagnosis and Treatment of self-limiting medical complaints for all ages
  • Repair of minor burns, wounds, and lacerations
  • Excision and repair of skin blemishes and lesions
  • Management of chronic medical conditions to include: Hypertension, Type II Diabetes, Hypothyroidism, Obesity,
  • Depression, Anxiety, Asthma, Allergic Rhinitis, Contraceptive Management, and Hormone Replacement Therapy
  • Health maintenance exams and physicals, including Well Child Exams, Sports Physicals, Gyn/Breast Exams and DOT Physicals
  • NFM does not manage chronic pain syndromes

Types of Office Visits

Sick Visit: Use this type of appointment if you have a new complaint or symptoms.

Follow up: Use this type of appointment if you are established with the practice and are following up on a recently diagnosed condition, or an unstable chronic condition. You may require lab work or other tests at least 1 week prior to the appointment.

Medicine Refill: Use this type of appointment if you need refills on medications for stable, chronic medical conditions and have no new complaints. Requires scheduling fasting labs and, if indicated, Chest X-Ray, EKG, and Pulmonary Function’s at least 1 week in advance.

Physicals: Well Child Checks are for children from 2 weeks to 18 years. Comprehensive Physical Exams (CPE) are for patients over the age of 18 years old. No pre-visit lab or ancillary tests are required. Pap Smear/GYN Exams are for female patients and are recommended once a year, or once every three years for menopausal women. Annual Breast Exams are for females who are not having any breast complaints.

Labs: Lab Only visits are for simple blood draws for Med Refill or Follow up appointments. You may be required to fast for 12 hours. Lab Plus visits are for lab work as well as additional tests, such as, chest x-ray, EKG, and Pulmonary Functions. Labs are required for CPE and some Med Refill appointments. Please drink plenty of water before labs.

Procedures: Procedure visits are for the removal of ingrown toenails and skin blemishes such as moles, skin tags and warts; drainage of abscesses; repair of skin lacerations and wounds; debridement of burns; evacuation of hemorrhoids; removal of splinters, ticks and impacted ear wax.

Nurse Only: Includes B12 shots, allergy shots, Depo-Provera shots, immunization only visits, other nurse only shots, blood pressure checks,and reading TB skin tests.

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